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A perfect learning eco-system for children — Witblox App

witblox app

Just a month back when I wrote a blog on the urgency of a dedicated learning ecosystem for children I was not aware of something similar which was already in the making process. It is also sad enough that this kind of news will never appear in any mainstream newspapers because when I approached them asking whether the paper can come up with an article featuring such an effort which is the need of this hour and people should know about such things, I only received a big no or a very polite sorry sir. Among the others, they never really bothered to reply on this. So without going too much on this idea of newspapers following the trend of selective journalism I decided to write on my own about this app. So here you go.

During the lockdown and even before the lockdown we had known many such learning apps coming and sub-branching out from big corporates and money-making factories in the name of education. There are a handful of organizations & startups which are trying their best to come up with something which can include a large chunk of an educational eco-system within an app. We have apps like Facebook & Instagram which are like real replicas of our society and people are living into but why don’t we have the same for the education world? Why they only come as siblings from the corporate giants?

Witblox, a very small and dedicated educational startup has given in everything to come up with the best that they can offer under the current circumstance of a global lockdown. They understood the need for an app which can slowly grow in itself as an educational eco-system bringing in the learners and mentors together. Based on the ideology of giving the best STEM education possible, witblox is primarily a very good robotics learning app for children. But in their recent update within the app, they have incorporated a social stream which will engage both learners and mentors, creating and exchanging educational contents in the form of videos. Not only that users can comment, like and even follow their favourite users. The app will also offer ‘do it yourself’ challenges which, if done correctly can fetch witcoins which in return can avail discounts from the witblox shop. The framework of the app is designed in such a way that it is a perfect example of a hybrid or blended form of learning where you have STEM education as the primary & many more as video content which will stream on the social media tab of the app. Giving so much to the learners this is one of the most interactive learning apps that we have today in the entire android app gallery.

So if you are an educator, student, learner, content creator or you have anything to do with education then you must try Witblox app. It’s free.

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