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Why children like WitBlox?

Why Children like WitBlox

Curiosity is the key which makes children fall in love with Witblox everyday

Have you been to a WitBlox workshop? Not yet? Give it a try when the lockdown ends and you will understand why children are falling in love with the creativity of WitBlox mixed with technology and logical thinking. The best thing about our DIY Robotics startup is that they trigger the most active senses of children, one of them is the curiosity. From the day a child is born it is the curiosity that drives the little life to learn & explore everything within his or her reach. Children are like born scientists, they will try and use their senses to find out the answers to their curiosity. And when they see something operational or functioning on their own their excitement of gathering knowledge reaches to the highest level and when they find the answer out of their curiosity, we can consider it as the best form of education a child can have.

Imagine the days when we used to see play cars which were controlled by a remote, we enjoyed playing with it but we never knew the logic happening behind its wireless movement. Today our children can build a similar car with Witblox. They are exposed to the ideas of how a simple combination of power, motor, sensor and nRF(near Radio Frequency) can work together and transform a car into a wireless device moving around. Not only that using WitBlox and simple logics children can create a vast combination of unique possibilities.

Say for example this smart dust-bin by Manaswini. The simple idea of putting your hand in front of a sensor will open the top lid of the dust-bin and then it will automatically close after the use. Imagine a child growing up with such logical thinking & problem-solving attitude. Besides regular education, the future will always demand something extra. So let us prepare our children accordingly. And what better can it be if the learning process involves fun, innovation and happiness? That’s why the WitBlox makers are always falling in love with the idea of DIY robotics over & over again. So are you ready to try the magic of Witblox?

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