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Celebrating National Satellite Day with the WitBlox Community

April 19 is observed as the National Satellite Day in India. This day marks the anniversary of the launch of India’s first artificial satellite launch by USSR on April19, 1975. It marks India’s entry into Space age and technological advancements.

The Indian Space Industry Exhibitors(ISIE), WitBlox and Space Geeks have decided to celebrate the National Satellite day this year by organizing an awareness webinar on “Artificial Satellites” from April 19 to April 21.

We at WitBlox are sponsoring 30 Tickets to eminent Makers from the Witblox Maker Community. All you need to do is fill this form and express your interest in attending this huge event. The Witblox team will select the best Makers based on the Projects and coins earned on the Witblox App. The names of Special 30 Makers will be announced on Monday evening…..

During the webinar series lectures on various topics related with the Artificial Satellites would be delivered by the experts from ISRO,
Academic & Research Institutions and Industries. Broadly the topics related with Basics of Artificial Satellites, Space Environment, Structure, Materials, Manufacturing, Sensors, Payloads, Tracking systems etc would be covered.

Check out this comprehensive list of Webinar topics that will be covered

For more details, download this brochure –

Are you ready, register now on the WitBlox App –

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