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Kids having a great time building Robots at WitBlox DIY Party

witblox diy party

As the world is getting inspired by the works of Elon Musk and his radical achievements, the next generation is always in search of futuristic education. Providing a similar platform for the last few years is a brand which is growing in support of its community. Children from all over India are now joining the WitBlox makers’ community to learn and create ideas for the future. Anyone and everyone can be a part of the community just by downloading the WitBlox robotics learning app, available on Google PlayStore and the Apple App Store.

Recently the WitBlox team has started to organise nationwide robotics workshops, starting from its base city, Mumbai. Engaging children offline and allowing them to interact with the best robotics learning team is a win-win situation for both the sides. On one hand, children will once again encounter hands-on learning experiences after the lockdown and the team will happily engage with the community, which will further help them to understand the need of the learners and design learning tools accordingly for them in the future.

WitBlox, as the team describes, is community-driven. Product head Ankit (aka W-Baba for the community) from the WitBlox team takes special care towards the demand made by different makers during various community interactions. ‘A large part of our ideas come from the makers — which clearly states how creative and smart the makers are’ — added another team member from the research & development team.

The recent WitBlox DIY Party is a step toward bringing back the attention of young learners towards the physical learning environment, which was missing for the past two years. ‘A UNICEF report says that school children around the world have missed over 2 trillion hours of in-person learning since the onset of the pandemic. Even today two out of five learners experience disruption to education. And hence it is extremely important for all of us to create and give back a happy environment of learning to the children. Seeing them smile and engage in robotics learning makes me happy’ — added WitBlox founder & CEO Amit Modi.

So what exactly is WitBlox DIY Party?

Well, it is a series of free robotics workshops that the team is organising in Mumbai currently and plans to do the same across many cities in India soon. To know when and where the next DIY party is going to happen, you must visit the workshop tab on the WitBlox website, as often as possible.

Currently, the ongoing workshops are happening at Indian Women Scientists Association in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. And they have just announced their next series of workshops at WeWork Seawoods Grand Central, Nerul, Navi Mumbai. To know more details and to register for the workshop click here for quick navigation.

Some highlights of last Sunday’s event….

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