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How To Make Futuristic Iron Man Gloves

When I used watch Avengers in my childhood, I always used to think that one day I will also create my own Iron Man Gloves. So, I created my own Iron Man Gloves using the Witblox Kit.

Materials Required:-

1.3D Printed Materials

2.Hot Glue Gun

You Can Purchase It From Witblox App

1.Power Blox

2.Touch Blox

3.Lamp Blox

How To Build It?


Now you can also become an Avenger and make your very own Iron Man Gloves. And impress your friends with your skill and creativity. Plus, with the Witblox Mega Kit, you can make over 100 projects. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unleash your creativity. Try building your very own Iron Man Gloves today!

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