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How To Make A Robotic Hand

If you have seen a production factory or any Sci-Fi movie you must have seen a robotic arm helping people in doing their work and making their tasks easy. It always fascinated me and i wanted my own arm to help me. So, I made my own robotic arm using the Witblox Robotic Kit.

Materials Required :-

1.DIY Foam


3.Hot Glue Gun

You Can Purchase It From Witblox App

1.Power Blox

2.9V Battery

3.Servo Blox

How To Build It?


You can also build your own robotic arm with my step-by-step guide in vey less time. And with the help of Witblox Mega Kit, you can make over 100 projects. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unleash your creativity. Try building your own Robotic Arm today!

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