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How To Make DIY Laser Security Alarm

If you have seen any spy movie you must have seen a room full of lasers and you have to cross the lasers to go at the end of the room but if you step on the laser an alarm buzzes. So, let’s build our own DIY Hand Fan Using the Witblox Mega Kit.

Materials Required:-


2.Power Blox

3.Laser Blox Motor

4.Driver + Motor

5.DIY Board


1.WitBlox Mega Kit

How To Build It?


With this simple guide, you too can build a Laser Security Alarm and can keep your belongings safe and secure from thieves. Plus, with the Witblox Mega Kit, you can make over 100 projects. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unleash your creativity. Try building your own Lazer Security Alarm today!

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