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How To Make Cold Drink Dispenser

I really like cold drink but I don’t like to every time open the bottle and pour the cold drink into the glass. And that is why I made a Cold Drink Dispenser using the Witblox Kit.

Materials Required: –

1.9V Alkaline Battery

2.Power Blox

3.Distance Blox

4.Pump and Driver Blox


1.Pump and Driver Blox

2.WitBlox Mega Kit

How To Build It?


By following my easy and simple step-by-step guide you can also make your own Cold Drink Dispenser and impress your friends with your skills and creativity. Also, with the Witblox Mega Kit, you can make over 100 projects. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unleash your creativity. Try building your own Cold Drink Dispenser today!

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