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WitBlox – The best alternative for TikTok’s learning community

TikTok, an extremely popular social platform for short videos is now banned across India. Though it was largely an entertainment platform but for the last few months the platform was also largely a medium of education under the global lockdown crisis. According to some data from 2019, about 10 million educational videos have been uploaded to TikTok, which have been viewed about 48 billion times., a popular educational blogging & article publishing site came up with a story in late 2019 about a teacher from Quince Orchard High School in Gaithersburg, Maryland in the United States who was using TikTok as a part of his social study class. In fact, the teacher gave his students the option of making TikTok videos to demonstrate their understanding of the Missouri compromise of 1820, a key event in the lead-up to the American Civil War.

The story doesn’t end there. TikTok itself announced a new #LearnOnTikTok program to encourage educational videos in order to help facilitate learning during the COVID-19 lockdown. But every plan went in vain.

So what is the solution now?

One of the possible solutions for educational creators is Witblox app. Educators and WitBlox team have come up with a unique solution which is a mix of TikTok interface of social video steaming backed up my STEM education with modular robotics as the core of learning. Young minds with great engineering senses who are called the WitBlox makers are creating their own videos on their everyday inventions and uploading them on the app. The app is packed with many electronic projects which are easily explained using comics, animation and different kind of explainer videos. Not only that all the users have their own profile where they can see their followers and can also follow their inspiration, just like any other social media.

 WitBlox App contains “How to build?” video tutorials on different projects related to Robotics, Electronics, Arduino, Drones and 3D Printing. You can learn concepts digitally through comics & animation stories and practically build Projects using video tutorials. Every project has a comic story that will inspire you to build a project. You can upload your projects in the app itself and earn coins.

You can even share your ideas with the world using WitBlox Social Maker Community and get coins. Its has a Made In India Social community with STEM education as it’s back bone. Powered by hands-on learning and digital play, you have the power to turn your ideas into inventions.

With a large number of new users joining in every day, the popularity of Witblox app is going sky high. The team is working hard to give the best of its experience to all their app users. The Witblox app is only available for the Android users as of now but soon they will be up with an Apple version too. To download the app just click here. Give a try, it’s free.

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