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Artificial Intelligence is the future & India is getting ready as Witblox introduces their first AI Blox for children

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[AI] is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind. More than electricity.”

— Dr Kai-Fu Lee (Renowned Computer Scientist)

We can not deny the involvement of Artificial Intelligence in our lives, which will eventually increase human capabilities & also make our life easy. If you are someone from the tech background then you are well aware of the fact that connecting smart devices over bluetooth is now a child’s play. Bluetooth technology has reached its saturation, but then what’s next? I believe it’s time for Artificial Intelligence & connecting it’s desirable output remotely from anywhere in the world. Let’s think a step ahead. What about introducing the same technology to children for their learning? And giving them a chance to be a part of this developing technology for the future.

Witblox is now India’s first to introduce their AI Vision blox (picture above)to hit the market across India, UAE and USA. Based upon the idea of visual learning & recognition the Witblox AI vision has two main components. The AI Vision web app & AI vision blox. These two works as one when connected over the internet, hence making it extremely versatile and also first of its kind for all young makers out there. A team of six genius minds took more than six months to create the setup. Hundred of makers from across India joined the online launch webinar held on 22nd of November, 2020.

What exactly can we do with Witblox AI Vision?

To start with, you can train your AI just like a child to recognise things and identify them & based on the identification you may assign a work(output). The AI will then smartly work based on its intelligence and training. Say for example you train the AI to recognise a cat, a dog and also both of them together. You know very well that whenever the cat & the dog comes near to each other, the chances are they will end up fighting, so you may assign that whenever the AI will identify both the animals close to each other it will make a sound or a noise which will separate them off, hence avoiding a fight.

You can be sure that you don’t have to keep a track of the cat and the dog anymore, the AI will do the work for you. The possibilities of working with AI Vision are endless, it is truly up to your imagination. Makers from all over India are super excited to try this new innovation which can now become a part of their daily learning tool.

Team Witblox will continue further with their R&D and will make their AI smarter & intelligent with the help of their maker’s community. In the future, we are expecting some amazing modular electronics which will join the existing AI Vision family. Try your hands on Witblox AI Vision WebApp & Witblox AI Vision Blox.

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