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Let your child step into robotics. Here is how you can do that in India.

Witblox T Rex

The modern world is all about AI (artificial intelligence) and the future is about the innovation of ideas towards robotics, green electronics, space research and so on. One thing that we all can agree upon is the evolving phase of ‘how we as a human are gathering knowledge and applying them as our work output for sustaining our life’ which is going through the biggest transformation in the modern history of the evolution of mankind. Almost everything that we knew from the last five years has evolved many folds and will do the same in the upcoming time.

So the biggest question now that arises is how to make our upcoming generation adapt to this speedy change? The answer is to introduce them to the modern tools of learning. And one of the best tools that are available in India right now is Witblox. The best part is that its a community based learning eco-system. The community members are called witblox makers. Children from the age of seven can take part in the learning process. There are various ways through which the child gets involved in the early states of modular robotics.

The idea behind WitBlox is to equip children with tools and encourage them to develop critical & logical thinking which will help them further in creating solutions for any problem that they face in their daily life.

Imagine groups of children coming together and brainstorming on a much larger problem. With their versatile power of imagination, children can really give wings to many critical problems. With simple ideas of building logical electronics, witblox is encouraging children to be their own problem-solvers. The truest form of ‘atmanirbhar’. Once the entire generation becomes atmanirbhar, the nation will be the Atmanirbhar Bharat.

How to participate?

There are indeed various ways in which your child can become a part of the witblox makers’ community. The first step is to know about witblox and what exactly they are doing. To visit their website go to or you may also visit their social media pages like Facebook & Instagram. You may also download their free android app from the Google Play.

Once you visit the above links you will be fascinated to see what the community children are doing. They are basically finding every solution to their daily problems. Say, for example, the smart table lamp which turns on as soon as the light goes off. One of their recent innovations is the automatic hand sanitizer made under the crisis of COVID lockdown. The list is very long so my recommendation would be to visit the YouTube channel of WitBlox where you will discover the videos based on the daily innovations of WitBlox makers.

In the evolution of our present civilization tools have played a vital role. Modern tools are electronics which we need to accept as the learning tools for the future. So don’t be afraid, just be the one to step into the future and lead others by setting an example.

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