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How does a Laser blox work ? How is it different from other lasers? How worthy it is!

      Laser Blox

  1. Laser and its working
  •  A Laser is a device that emits light through a process of optical amplification (An optical amplifier is a device that amplifies an optical signal directly, without the need to first convert it to an electrical signal). Basically it emits lights by producing a very narrow beam of radiation. 
  •   It was invented by Charles Hard Townes in December 1958
  •  LASER is an acronym for “light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation.”
  1. Principle of working of Laser.
  •   The principle of Laser is based on three separate features-
  1. Stimulated emission within an amplifying medium – The release of energy from an excited atom by artificial means.
  2.  Population inversion of electronics– When a population inversion exists, an upper-state system will eventually give off a photon of the proper wavelength and drop to the ground state.
  3.  an optical resonator – An optical resonator is needed to build up the light energy in the beam. The resonator is formed by placing a pair of mirrors facing each other.

    3. Importance of Lasers.

  •   Laser is recognised as one of the top technologies of the 20th century. It plays an important role in :
  1. Medicine –  life saving Cancer treatment.Curing/Curbing eyes and skin diseases.
  2. Technology – Fiber- optic communication. Invention and use of CD, CD-ROM and DVD’s
  3. Industry – Invention of Barcode Readers . Welding became cheaper and easier. 

     4. Laser blox and its uses

  •  WitBlox Laser Blox is an output blox that can be used with any Input Blox or on its own . It contains its own battery. Using the Laser Blox,  you can build Laser Gun, Microscope, Spiral Projector and many more exciting projects. It is easy to use and child safe.

     5. Working of a Laser blox and its component

  • A laser blox can be powered with 2 coin cells (3 volts each)or a 9 volt battery. It has 5 female pins i.e No connection(NC), 5 volts, digital pin, GND, No connection(NC).
  • It has a button and a toggle switch on its body.

a. Button – As long as you press it the laser will                                                                       be activated .

b. Toggle Switchif you slide it towards ‘on’ the laser will be activated until you switch it back off.   

    6. Safety Measures to take while using any lasers.

  • Always wear safety glasses before starting, even if you are using laser blox
  • Before starting make sure the laser is not pointing on anyone or on yourself, especially eyes.
  • Avoid playing with pets with a laser in hand, it can be harmful for your pet.
  • Although Witblox Laser Blox is child safe, still adult supervision is recommended. 

7. Five simple projects to make with Witblox Laser Blox-

1. Laser Gun shooter – 

This laser gun gives you the perfect feel of a self made star wars rebel laser gun. It consist of power blox< laser blox < and motor driver.                        

2. Laser Microscope – 

It enables you to see small things more efficiently, with this you can easily win science competitions and score excellent marks in Science projects. It consists of power<laser.

3. Laser Security Alarm –

It allows you to save you precious belongings from theft. simply place you belongings behind the laser and it will be protected until you return. It consists of laser < dark < buzzer                 

4. Laser Security Room – 

Save you secret stuff with super laser security. Now no one can access your stuff without your permission and your room will also be well protected. It consists of laser < dark < buzzer


5. Laser shooter car – 

A car that will shoot lasers at your opponent. This car will protect you and even fight for you . Make sure it doesn’t go in the wrong hands..!        

Stun your  friends with your own self defence car.

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