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What is Sonar ? What is an ultrasonic sensor ? How are both of them different ? Applications!

Sonar Blox

The Ultrasonic Sensor 

An ultrasonic sensor is an electronic device that measures the distance of a target object by emitting ultrasonic sound waves, and converting it into electrical signals. An ultrasonic sensor’s waves travel faster than the speed of audible sound (sound that can be heard by humans is called audible sound).

How does an ultrasonic sensor work ?

Ultrasonic sensors have two main components:

  1. The transmitter – It emits the sound using piezoelectric crystal.(The piezoelectric crystal is one of a small scale energy resource. When these crystals are automatically deformed then they produce a tiny voltage which is known as piezoelectricity.)
  2.  The receiver – It encounters the sound after it has travelled to and from a target. 

To calculate the distance between the sensor and the object, the sensor measures the time it takes between the emission of the sound by the transmitter to its contact with the receiver.



Speed of Sound at 20 degrees is assumed room temperature!

Uses of Ultrasonic Sensor

  • It is use for water level detection
  • measuring the distance between two objects.
  • sound waves detection 

Sonar blox 

The full form of SONAR is Sound Navigation and Ranging. The SONAR method is also called echo ranging. It is a device that utilizes ultrasonic waves to estimate and measure the distance, direction and speed of objects underwater.

Introducing Sonar blox

Witblox sonar blox is an input blox, it makes it easy for users to use the ultrasonic sensor without any codes. Sonar Blox has two drum-like structures on them i.e Transmitter and Receive. It has a knob, which allows users to increase or decrease the range of the blox within 2 meters . SONAR is used to sense the presence of any object in its vicinity. The sensor turns ON whenever it senses anything within 2 metres, which is the maximum range of the sensor. This sensor uses Ultrasound to sense any kind of object, also in the sunlight.

Sonar blox has 5 female pins i.e no data, 5 volts, digital pin in , VCC and ground. It has 5 male pins i.e analog pin out, 5 volts, digital pin out, ground and Null

Embed YouTube video – (12) How WitBlox SONAR Blox works || Ultrasound sensor – YouTube

 Difference between Sonar blox and Ultrasonic  sensor:

Sonar Blox does not require an arduino unlike Ultrasonic sensors.

Sonar blox is easy to use and child safe but ultrasonic sensors can be difficult to use.

Sonar blox range can be increased or decreased within the range of 2 meters but the ultrasonic sensor’s range cannot be limited.   

Sonar blox is more durable than ultrasonic sensors .               

 Simple and easy projects You can build with Sonar blox:

  1. Smart Robot 
  • Build your own D.I.Y remote controlled robot that will not crash even if you keep the motors on. 
  • The motors are connected to a Sonar blox that plays as an eye for the robot. You can even add a servo motor so that the face of your robot can be moved left and right. So you can let your small brother and sister play with it without having the fear of your robot getting broken.  
  • Connections are: 

power ➡ Tx

power➡ Rx➡ sonar➡ motor driver 1➡          motor  driver 2  

Rx ➡ Servo (Note- Rx blox is common in line 2 as well as line 3)    

 2. Smart Goggles

  • Not only can you play and have fun making projects with Sonar Blox but you can help physically challenged people. 
  • One idea is to build smart goggles for the blind people. You can design a goggle in such a way that just above eyes, your sonar is located, so when the person reaches near a wall the buzzer starts beeping. 
  • Connections are:

power ➡ Sonar ➡ buzzer blox

Embed YouTube video –(12) How to build Smart Goggles || WitBlox Full Project – YouTube

  3. Sonar Squirrel

  • Everyone loves to play with animals, especially the small ones. But sometimes our parents do not allow us to keep a pet. 
  • Now you can make your own squirrel that will play around and entertain you friends and family. The squirrel you make will move around and will avoid any objects that come on its straight path. 
  • the connection are:-

Power➡ Motor 1➡ In and out➡ Sonar➡ invert➡ Motor 2  

Embed YouTube video – SONAR SQUIRREL – YouTube

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